Fair Isle


I love making something fresh and new from beautiful materials that have been set aside. I create cashmere gloves, mittens, caps, cowls, and socks for adults. For children I make booties, caps, and hoods, all from quality wools and leather. These are all handmade by one maker, most of them one of a kind.

The little woodland animals that I make were my first wool creations, inspired by the forest where I live and the small toys I made for my own children when they were small. Some of you may remember them as "pogos" and my first shop, "Pogoshop". Though my work has evolved to include new creations for children and adults, the pogos are always around. I first made them for children, but have been delighted by the many adults who buy them for themselves. I hear many stories of pogos starring in videos, serving as desk friends, and arriving as gifts to cheer a friend. I often get special requests to make a mascot wolf for a college student, or to use a beloved sweater to dress a bear. I'm always open to your ideas.

In recent years, I've been challenged to create soft hoods for toddlers who pull off their hats, booties that don't get lost, and soft mittens for little hands. Soon after I made these for children, adults requested soft slippers and hoods for themselves. My work has exploded from there.

Everything that I create, is made with time and great care, often stitched at my kitchen table or under a live oak as I watch children play. Working with wool and cashmere is a joy. Creating sustainable products for you is a particular satisfaction. Thank you for following Fair Isle!